1- What is Optucorp?

Optucorp is an international Travel Benefit Provider, who works with your employer, to bring you a stress free vacation!

2- How is Optucorp part of my employee benefits?

You’re important to your employer and your vacation is important to them. Your employer and Optucorp firmly believe that every employee must take a yearly vacation, for their own mental state and productivity. Through our program, your rate is locked in for an entire year no matter when or where your travels take you during that year. The savings are gigantic during high season and holidays because while other travelers are paying increased rates during said dates, you will ONLY pay your locked in rate.

3- For how long is my rate locked in?

Your rate is locked in for one year. After this time, you may request an extension to travel during low season, subject to availability and possibly a rate increase.

4- I am not traveling with children. Can I swap for an adult?

No. Sorry, children are free at our affiliated hotels!

5- Can your hotels accommodate more than 4 people in one room?

This is dependent on what hotel is available at the time of reservation. Each hotel has different policies regarding maximum occupancy and rates for additional guests. Our reservation team will gladly assist you with this at the time of reservation.

6- What type of vacation plans do you offer?

We currently have three packages available. Anywhere in the U.S., including its territories such as Puerto Rico, anywhere in Mexico, including its all-inclusive beach destinations such as Cancun and Cruises. If you are looking to travel elsewhere, such as Punta Cana, Dominican Republic or Madrid, Spain, we would be more than happy to prepare a quote for you. Both the U.S. and Mexico packages have 2 and 4 night packages. Additional nights can be quoted by calling us at (305) 447-2764.

7- Do your vacation plans include transportation?

Our program is an innovative open travel concept that permits you to lock in your rate without knowing when or where you are traveling to. Hence, transportation can only be quoted to you once you select your destination and dates of travel which we recommend that you do three months prior to traveling.

8- Do your hotels include airport shuttle?

This is dependent on what hotel is available at the time of reservation. Each hotel has different amenities and services. If you specifically require a shuttle, kindly advise our reservation agent at that time.

9- What if I already know when and where I am traveling to?

Great! That makes you one prepared traveler! Call us at (305) 447-2764 and we will be happy to prepare a quote for you.

10- What hotels do you work with?

Our list of affiliated hotels is endless because we are international! As such, it is impossible for us to list all of the hotels in all of the destinations on our site. Some of the names we currently work with are Wyndham, Marriott, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Dream Hotels, Riu Hotels, Oasis Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Melia and local hotels, such as Fontainebleau Miami and Raffaelo Chicago.

11- What Cruises do you work with?

At this time, we work with Carnival Cruise Line.

12- What ports do your cruises visit?

Many. This is dependent on what port you depart from. For example, if you would like to cruise through Alaska, geographically the only port you could embark from would be Seattle, Washington.

13- Can I choose a cruise that is not on your site?

Of course! What’s on your Bucket List? A cruise to Hawaii or Alaska? Just give us a call at (305) 447-2764 and we will be more than happy to prepare a quote for you. Cruises that are not on our sire are subject to a deposit and are non-transferrable or cancellable.

14- Is this payroll deductible?

Not at this time. We tailor your payments to your pay schedule (Example: if you get paid on the 14th and 28th of every month, we would schedule your payments on those dates) with either a Visa or MasterCard, Debit or Credit.

15- Can I transfer between packages?

Absolutely! Again, we make travel stress free! You can transfer between packages any time prior to reserving your hotel.