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Grupo Daytona


Rafael Lecumberri Aranguren, founded llanticredit,the most important chain tire shops and services in Mexico. Llantidredit  grew at a network of 42 branches of service .has car dealerships, including its line of prestigious brands such as Pegout, Renault, Toyota and Honda.

Daytona Starts Operations accessories, derived from the need to provide the necessary equipment to branches of llanticredit, daytona accessories starting in 1897, inaugurating the first Honda motorcycle shop in Mexico. Daytona Group seeks to become a diversified business group, generating human capital, based on the talent and commitment of its employees, in a spirit of growth and consistent with their values.

They seek to exceed the expectations of its customers from a new style of service, based on the honesty of its staff, which builds trust and sets an example for the community.





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