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Group's mission is to provide Rotoplas "People have more and better water" through its broad range of products to meet different needs.

• Storage.

• Driving.

• Water Purification

Such as tubs, tanks, digesters. Polypropylene pipes and fittings in Termofusión (TUBOPLUS). Rotoplas Group's businesses operate under laws, rules and sound practices, the observance and compliance essential and compulsory for them to exist and function optimally in society.

Being socially responsible to the communities and environments in which Rotoplas Group and its suppliers have a presence.

We respect the surrounding environment, customs and communities where we operate. In our operation we observe the laws and regulations, and seek to use materials and non-toxic and / or biodegradable contributing to the welfare of society has.

In Rotoplas have the best solutions segment aimed at builders, architects and instaladores.n Rotoplas have the best solutions.

For over three years, Rotoplas has integrated within its organization a division specializing in attention to areas of government, both Federal and State and Municipal, in order to create sustainable programs that provide solutions to water problems, mainly in marginalized areas. and installers.

Currently there are 10 plants in the Mexican Republic, 4 distribution centers in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.Ademas to have five international plants in Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Guatemala.





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