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In Optucorp we believe that a successful company with leading class and quality is one that is committed to its staff, one that values and encourages competing in terms of efficiency, ethics and professionalism and one that is socially responsible.



We work every day to integrate and expand our services to corporations, government, universities, and unions that are recognized locally, nationally and internationally, aiming to promote the highest quality benefits for those who work and strive for the well-being of their families so that they all have access to the best vacation plans.  All they need to do is enroll in our program, a very easy process.
By signing an agreement with Optucorp, the company’s staff is aware of those extraordinary benefits and commits itself to increase productivity and performance, to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams to travel.

In addition to making possible for people to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, we accomplish to strengthen family ties while spending time together visiting our amazing country.  Traveling unites….Optucorp unites!

If your company does not have yet our benefit program, please e-mail us at

Any questions?


Any questions?