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How I can get a Vacation Plan?
You need to decide what plan is better for you, and register your information in order to start saving. Registration is totally free!

Does the Hotel Stay plan apply to any destination?
The plan applies to any destination inside the country you select. When requesting your reservation, you will specify the desired destination.

Why is transportation not included?
Transportation is not included because your plan is an open travel, if transportation was included, you would have to decide date of travel and destination at the moment of registration.

What is the reservation process?
Fill out your reservation form.
> Send your reservation form to
> You will receive an email confirming that we received your reservation in time and the correct information.
> Few days before your trip, you will get an email message with a confirmation coupon.

What will happen if my plan expires?
Once your plan expires you can request an extension for up to six months and will only be entitled to travel in low season travel dates. You must also pay an expiration fee.

What is the amount of the expiration fee?
The adjustment rate is variable and is estimated to have registered in the reservation system, factors to consider include: time the contract expires, travel destination, type and cost of the package.

For how long is my Vacation Certificate valid?
The duration of the contract is one year and starts from its first discount.

Am I allowed to swap a child rate for an extra adult?
No, children are free depending on the type of plan you have.

Any questions?


Any questions?